Terms and Conditions


‘We, us, our, its' are references to Academic Voice.

‘You, your, yours’ are references to customer accessing the site or using the services of Academic Voice.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Use of the Academic Voice website and our services constitutes acceptance of all of the Academic Voice Terms and Conditions.


Academic Voice and its providers retain ownership of all intellectual property rights and copyright of this site. No individual or organisation is allowed to download, copy, reproduce, or distribute to any third parties, in part or whole, the content and codes of the website and to exploit them for commercial benefits. The use of our logo is strictly prohibited.

Customer Responsibilities

  1. You retain the sole copyright for the materials you submit. The service provided by Academic Voice does not imply any endorsement of the content submitted. Customers can choose to accept, modify or reject the corrections and changes suggested by our reviewers and Academic Voice assumes no liability for the work submitted.
  2. Customers should be aware that plagiarism is a serious academic offence and a violation of the intellectual property right of others. Academic Voice will not be responsible for any infringement of copyright by the author of the work.
  3. Customers should clearly consult their tutor and/or department regarding eligibility for paying for language and research support and acknowledge where appropriate, the purchase of service from Academic Voice.
  4. Academic Voice reserves the right to refuse to proofread, edit, translate or transcribe any material that involves unlawful, abusive, offensive or otherwise objectionable material of any kind that may violate any local, national or international regulations.
  5. All our services require online registration. Subsequent access to those services will be subject to a username and password, which is exclusive to you and non-transferable. After successful registration you can order our service and have access to tracking information on all the orders you place. Information that you provide must be accurate and complete.
  6. While we conduct virus check for our server on a regular basis, we cannot guarantee that the website and all documents reach you virus-free. Given that the Internet uses an open system, you are advised to take all necessary precautions. Academic Voice reserves the right to limit, modify or discontinue any of the services with or without notice to you.


  1. Academic Voice reserves the right to terminate our service with you if you violate any of the Terms and Conditions.
  2. For eProofreading and eEditing services, once you have accepted the quote and the reviewer has started work, any upfront payment will not be refunded if you terminate the service.
  3. For eResearch service, once you have accepted the quote and the reviewer has started work, the deposit will not be refunded if you terminate the service.
  4. Academic Voice may terminate operation of this website or services at any time for any reason.

Virus Protection

We endeavour to make sure that all files from this site are free of virus. For security purposes, our server and local PCs have installed virus checkers and firewalls to pick up infected files. However, we are not responsible for any damage caused resulting from virus infection.

Charges and Payments

  1. For eProofreading and eEditing services, you agree to pay all charges in advance which are completely non-refundable.
  2. For eResearch service, you agree to pay a non-refundable deposit once the order is accepted. The rest of the payment will be due within 7 days upon satisfactory receipt of the completed work from Academic Voice.
  3. Academic Voice reserves the right to change prices or institute new charges for the services provided.
  4. All prices quoted are in UK Pounds sterling.
  5. All service charges are paid through PayPal in sterling.




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