Types of Services

We welcome academic work from all disciplines at undergraduate, postgraduate and research levels.


This is a general level of service to ensure that your writing is free of surface errors. The service includes:

  • checking the complete text for typos and misspellings, and
  • ensuring correct use of punctuation, grammar and vocabulary.


This is a more extensive level of service to improve the style of your writing. It includes corrections covered in eProofreading plus improvement on word choice, structure, organisation, logic, clarity, and consistency in tone and style. Our reviewers will also make suggestions for revisions at sentence, paragraph or discourse (the way ideas are connected in writing) level. The service includes:

  • correcting errors as covered in proofreading;
  • eliminating wordiness;
  • checking for proper and logical sequencing;
  • ensuring clear transitions between paragraphs;
  • ensuring a uniform tone and focus;
  • dealing with consistencies in layout and styling;
  • dealing with consistencies in numbers and dates, figures, tables, quotations, graphs and diagrams, bibliography etc.;
  • ensuring consistent academic citations in the correct format – APA (American Psychological Association), Chicago, Harvard, MLA, Turabia, etc., and
  • a face-to-face tutorial (an optional extra for students living in Nottingham).

For international students whose first language is not English we recommend you to choose our eEditing service. However, if our reviewer decides that your work needs considerable amount of editing, we will suggest you take our face-to-face tutorial so that you are guided to improve your own writing.


We provide qualitative research support to help facilitate the flow of your research and meet your tight schedule. This includes:

  • transcribing English and Chinese audio research data,
  • translating research data from Chinese to English and
  • other types of language-based work.

We will offer a personal service to discuss your need.




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‘It can show to other students how great Academic Voice is to correct my bad English. I have passed my dissertation and have been awarded a Master’s degree finally.’

- Ali, MSc in Financial Services, Risk and Operations

‘I had my thesis edited, the quality of the work is very good and the reviewer was very efficient. Emails were replied promptly. I will definitely use the service again.’

- Lai, PhD in Business Studies