Price Guide

In determining the price for a piece of submitted work, our reviewer will specify the level of proofreading/editing (light - medium - heavy) it requires in the initial quote. The price guide is based on the standard turnaround time. Express services entail a 30% higher per-page cost. Discount is available for a large volume.

Light Medium Heavy


£2.0-2.5/page £2.6-3/page £3.1-3.5/page


£3.0-3.5/page £3.6-4.8/page £4.9-6/page

eProofreading from £8 per 1000 words; £24 for 3000 words
eEditing from £12 per 1000 words; £36 for 3000 words

Please use our online Pricing Estimation Calculator and Currency Converter to get an idea of the cost.


Research support work will be charged on a project basis. An estimate quote for a non-binding price will be given based on the technicality of the research. For a larger project we can charge at each stage of the work done.

Pricing Estimate Calculator

Price = Rate x Page Count + £5 administration fee (waived for service over £20).

Rate for each level of eProofreading or eEditing (light – medium – heavy) to be decided by the reviewer. Run a word count using Tools in Microsoft Word for the whole document (include footnotes and endnotes), then divide the overall total by 250.

Page Count:
Service Type:
Level of Proofreading / Editing:




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