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  1. We will respond to your enquiries promptly and promise to give you a quote within 1-2 days.
  2. We have confidence that we will provide our services to a high quality standard. In the very unlikely circumstances that we cannot return the work to you at the specified date agreed, we will offer our service free.
  3. We take copyright and confidentiality seriously and guarantee that your work will not be used by any third party for any purposes.
  4. We do not write, rewrite, or sell papers or research ideas to anyone. Our main service is to polish and refine your English so that the quality of your thinking and research can be fully reflected. We may make comments regarding your work, but we do not correct any academic content or composition work in which the use of English is assessed. We appreciate your effort to acknowledge Academic Voice, where appropriate, for the part of work we have contributed to your final writing.
  5. In line with the policy of all colleges and universities, we are against any act of plagiarism, that is, the practice of claiming original authorship or incorporating ideas, quotations or materials from another source into your own work without permission or sufficient acknowledgement.
  6. We endeavour to offer a high quality, efficient, and most importantly, an ethical service to all our customers. If you are unhappy with our service, we will deal with the problem quickly and sympathetically. Any complaints can be addressed to admin@academic-voice.co.uk.




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‘It can show to other students how great Academic Voice is to correct my bad English. I have passed my dissertation and have been awarded a Master’s degree finally.’

- Ali, MSc in Financial Services, Risk and Operations

‘I had my thesis edited, the quality of the work is very good and the reviewer was very efficient. Emails were replied promptly. I will definitely use the service again.’

- Lai, PhD in Business Studies