Our Reviewers

  • Our team consists of a core group of experienced and well-qualified EAP specialists.
  • We have teaching and research experience at both secondary and tertiary institutions in the UK and beyond, with publications in international journals.
  • We hold qualifications from bachelors to doctorate degrees from arts, education, science and social science streams. Our regular contact with students has enabled us to understand the challenge of written presentations in an academic context.
  • A pool of senior academic staff currently working in leading universities provide specialised advice.




Quality of Services

  • Fast and Efficient
    Our fully web-enabled system ensures that we will respond to your enquiries promptly. We strictly adhere to deadline and will return your document within the agreed time.
  • Experienced Tutors
    Our reviewers are serving EAP tutors with extensive teaching and research experience. All work will be double reviewed.
  • Cost Effective
    We offer affordable rates.
  • Confidentiality Guaranteed
    We take copyright and confidentiality seriously and guarantee that your work will not be used by any third party for any purposes.
  • Customer-Oriented
    We endeavour to offer excellent services to our clients and will deal with problems quickly and sympathetically (admin@academic-voice.co.uk).




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Excellent 88.8%; Good 11.1%
‘It can show to other students how great Academic Voice is to correct my bad English. I have passed my dissertation and have been awarded a Master’s degree finally.’

- Ali, MSc in Financial Services, Risk and Operations

‘I had my thesis edited, the quality of the work is very good and the reviewer was very efficient. Emails were replied promptly. I will definitely use the service again.’

- Lai, PhD in Business Studies